Freedom from sexual impulses leading to celibacy in thoughts, speech and action.

The Gnani Purush  shows the modern day world meaningful methods of attaining celibacy
and the resultant benefits of the state of
with unprecedented clarity.

The Akram Vignani,  Pujya Shri A.M. Patel  opened up new avenues for those seeking a correct approach to
the  eternal  puzzle faced by those striving for celibacy  in the path of attaining a higher order of
bliss and spirituality. These satsangs are now available in the form of a major work of 2 volumes called

Samaj Thi Prapt Brahmacharya
( Celibacy through Knowledge and Right Understanding )
edited  by
Dr. Niruben Amin
These volumes were published in 1997 by  Dada Bhagwan Foundation ( Madras ) in Gujarati
and are available by contacting

The  Satsang on Brahmacharya with  The Gnani continues....

Chapter 3

The Greatness of Brahmacharya

Question to The Gnani :

Which of the two is superior ?
Balabrahmachari...celibate from childhood , or the one who becomes celibate after marrying ?

Dadashri's answer :

The natural celibate from childhood has no parallel. Where will you find such humans ?
These times are such that the lives of the so called balabrahmacharis do not prove their state on closer

I will show you the way if you have a desire to be celibate.
You will have to follow my instructions if you desire brahmacharya.
There is no rule that requires you to become celibate. It is not mandatory.
It is only for the one whose karmas are expressing into the state.
Karmodaya...udayakarma...means that previously sown seed of brahmacharya bhavaas is
now ready to grant its fruit as the expression of this state in this life.
Brahmacharyavrat...The vow of celibacy in this life is the result of bhavna...true inner aspiration of
the previous life.
Alternatively, if your determination currently is paramount this state is possible.
Your nischaya...determination from knowledge, is accompanied by our
Vachanbud...the energy of my words.


Follow up question :

Karmaphala...fruits of karma means they are the result of seeds sown in previous life.
How can these fruits be changed for this very life ?
How can I change the charge karmas...that are now expressing as a result...discharge in this life
as my thoughts, speech and action ?

Gnani Purush Dadashri :

Indeed , these effects of karma can not be changed.

However, vishaya...sexual expression  is  something that can be changed with  the aagnaa...
of the Gnani Purush. This vrat...vow is not for all. We have given the aagnaa..the instruction of this
avowal of celibacy to a chosen few.  This aagnaa changes the whole equation and makes all the difference.
The one who receives these aagnaas is only required to make the
nischaya...determination with knowledge
that he or she wants no part of anything that is related to sexuality .
Thereafter, it works and the energy of my words energizes his or hers nischaya.
After this process his chitta...the inner complex that goes out of the body, e.g. that which envisions a sexual scene
even while sitting in a temple...does not sway.

If one maintains this  Brahmacharya until  its natural conclusion , the greatest of all
accomplishments of life times is achieved.
This Dadayee Gnan...see  The Vidhi , Akram Vignan plus  Brahmacharya !!!
What else can one want ?
One the one hand  this Akram Vignan...see  Who am I ? is such that if it prevails
as an ever increasing inner experience, then one becomes a king of kings. All the kings of the world
would  have to bow and salute this state !!


Follow-up  comment from questioner :

Right now not even the neighbour is around to salute me !
I understand all that you are saying Dadashri. Even though I accept all that you say as one hundred percent
correct why is it that my mind still sways towards that which is sexual ?
What is the way out of this ?


Only that samaj...understanding which brings forth results is correct understanding....kriyakaari samaj.
All other understandings are futile and fruitless.


Question :

What efforts should I make to make my understanding kriyaatmak...of the kind that brings forth results ?


Let me explain this to you step by step. Once this is understood correctly, the understanding itself
will take care of the process. Thereafter you will not have to do anything. In fact anything you do
might even cause dakhal...interference.
Only that Gnan...knowledge, samaj...understanding which produces results is called right knowledge.

In this world abrahmacharya...sexual expression is the one thing that deserves the highest ninda...negative talk.


Question :

Maanas shashtris...those who are experts in studying the mind...psychologists say that sexual impulses are impossible to curtail and stop. They remain till the end. If this is true then
Oordhvagaman...rising higher
Virya...semen or internal  energy
will   not take place will not occur...will it ?

Dadashri :

What I am saying is that vishay...sexual expression, sexuality ceases with the
reversal of the opinion about  vishay...!
Internal energy does not rise if the opinion about sexuality remains unchanged.
Here in Akram are directly bypassing all
Oordhvagaman...the process of making one's energies rise to progressive higher planes or chakras
from the base to the cerebral ...and you are  placed directly in
The Self.
This is oordhvagaman !
After the cessation of vishaya...all that dissipates energies through the expression of sex,
one experiences atmasookh...the bliss of the Self, and  then the oordhvagaman of virya is natural. Our aagna is such that vishay ceases.

Question :

What is involved in the aagnaa ?
Does one have to stop the sthoola...that which can be seen... expression of sexuality ?
Does it involve the cessation of all physical sexuality ?
( sthhoola ...overt versus sookshma...subtle...that which can not be seen by others )


We are not addressing the overt expression of sexuality, the sthhoola...which can be seen by all.
mun...the mind
buddhi...the intellect
chitta...the inner vision that goes places and sees scenes and situations
and the ahankaar...that which states that " I am the doer "
must all stay within  brahmacharya...
to define the state of brahmacharya and its true meaning and value.
Once these inner complexes of mun, buddhi, chitta and ahankaar change a direction the gross external
the sthhoola...the physical follows without any effort.
Change your inner complex comprised of these four.
Our aagnaa is such that these four have to change !!


Question :

How does the Gnani acquire such of words ?
The energy in the words that showers the recipient with the bliss of brahmacharya...where from and
how does the Gnani gain this energy ?

Dadashri :

Only the nirvishayee...the one who is free from all aspects of sexuality...can acquire this energy
that dissolves all sexuality.
The one who is free from all aspects and elements of sexuality within thoughts, speech and action is
the one whose words carry the energy to annihilate sexuality.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

January 8, 1999.


Please note that great care has been exercised to present the message of The Gnani
as is meant to be.  The  key original words in Gujarati are typed in English
followed by "..." with an attempt at contextual meaning in words to convey the message.

There are no known English versions of these satsangs
with the Gnani as this Science of Self Realization is
very new and not widely disseminated .

If bliss is experienced by the reader of these words...the work is right and words become secondary.

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Jai Sat Chit Anand

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