Freedom from sexual impulses leading to celibacy in thoughts, speech and action.

The Gnani Purush  shows the modern day world meaningful methods of attaining celibacy
and the resultant benefits of the state of
with unprecedented clarity.

The Akram Vignani,  Pujya Shri A.M. Patel  opened up new avenues for those seeking a correct approach to
the  eternal  puzzle faced by those striving for celibacy  in the path of attaining a higher order of
bliss and spirituality. These satsangs are now available in the form of a major work of 2 volumes called
Samaj Thi Prapt Brahmacharya
( Celibacy through Knowledge and Right Understanding )
edited  by
Dr. Niruben Amin
These volumes were published in 1997 by  Dada Bhagwan Foundation ( Madras ) in Gujarati
and are available by contacting


The  Satsang on Brahmacharya with  The Gnani continues....

Chapter 1
Sexuality from the perspective of the Self Realised, The Gnani.
This was covered in the previous satsang
 brahmacharya introduction

Chapter 2
The exact method of freedom from sexual impulses
 Vikaari pad...Sexual overtures do not exist in Akram Vignan path.  For those following this science
any sexual result is akin to giving in to the pressures  of a threatening policeman.
Independent will or initiation of the sexuality related impulses do not occur.
Religion ceases where sexuality exists.
Religion exists  where nirvikaar...absence of sexual vibrations, exists.
None of the  major religions of the world accept vikaar...sexual impulses resulting through
thoughts, speech or action.
Yes, rarely a mistaken religious leader may come about pointing the wrong way in
religion through freedom in sex.

Brahmacharya...natural freedom from sexual impulses and its consequences in this life
is the effect and result of
bhaavna...causal feelings  of  previous life.
Its existence in this life is for those who have performed the punyas...deeds that benefit others,
of the highest order in previous life along with the right understanding of the
feelings mentioned above.
Yes, ordinarily in daily life abrahmacharya...incontinence in matters of sex
is rampant everywhere.
The one who desires bhoutik sookh... worldly pleasures should get married.
The one who has no desire for temporary worldly pleasures and who is seeking
sanatan sookh...eternal joy should not get married. Such a person should follow the vow of
brahmacharya...celibacy in thoughts, speech and action.

God is attained, known and experienced through vikaarmukta...freedom from sexuality...state.
Is it necessary to become from worldly life in order to become vikaarmukta ?
The mun...feeling mind that is the substrate of thoughts follows the tyagi...the one who has renounced wherever he goes...
to the forest or the Himalayas...It remains constantly troubling him with ideas and desires of sex.
If he meets a Gnani Purush...The One who is eternally free...he can remain in the
nirvikaar state...totally free from vibrations of sexuality
naturally and very easily.

Trooshna...desire that brings forth more desire...means once given into attempts to
satisfy desire only increases the fire of more desire.
To satisfy the desire is to increase the desire.
Not to give in to the impulse of satisfaction of the desire leads to dying down and demise of the desire.
That is why the science of Brahmacharya has arisen with all the new ways of
attaining freedom from sexuality and its consequences.

Who is the Vishayee...?...the one delving into sexuality
Indreeyos....or Antahkaran...?
The five senses or the inner organ within a human being comprising of
mun...mind, buddhi...intellect, citta...knowledge-vision-complex, and ahamkar...doership related ego...?
Who is in control here ? What is at fault ?
Ordinarily the sense organs are blamed.
What is your daanat...aim in anything related to sexuality ?
Chor daanat...the mentality and aim of stealing is the reason why sexuality prevails.
With Gnan...knowledge of  The Self...Self realization...Who am I ? all such tendencies vanish !
Even the thought of sex and sexuality vanish .

What is the swabhaav ...nature of mun...the inner organ which generates thoughts ?
If it has not been shown a thing for a couple of years , it is forgotten, forever !

Vaamamargi...the one who leads the masses in the wrong direction in the name of religion
teaches that in order to be free from the desire of a thing
enjoy it to the fullest and give in freely to such desire.
In matters related to sex, such action only increases the fire of desire.
Is it possible to be free from the clutches of alcoholism by drinking alcohol freely ?

In matters related to sexual desire all attempts at controlling sexual desire result in even more
desire. It is not possible to control the mind
through one's own efforts.
 Controller Gnani
The Awakened One
is needed.
In reality, it is not necessary to control the mind.
It is important to control that which causes the mind.
The mind itself is purely a effect.
Effects can not be changed. Causes can be changed.
Find out the cause by which the mind delves in sex and once this is found...
freedom from sex becomes easy.

The Gnanis...The Ones who are free from desire say that
Vaasna... sexual inclinations  does not exist in sex.
Ras...interest in sex is called vaasna.
After Atmagnan...Self Realization, all vaasnas...tendencies towards sexuality dissipate.

Why is it that sexual desire and interest towards a woman linger on ?
The answer is that these desires will linger on as long as the belief that
" I am a man ", and " She is a woman " remains.
Once these beliefs go away, the desires also go away.
How will these beliefs go away ?
Once the Gnan...knowledge prevails that the one who has these vaasnas...sexual impulses
is separate from You, the Real Self;
Once you become aware of who you really are,
Once you experience the Bliss of the Real within you
then only you will be free from these  vaasnas !!!
This is possible through the krupa...grace of The Gnani

Jai Sat Chit Anand

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